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Bill and Geoff Notkin Meteorite Men

Fossil and Mineral Repair Adhesives

PaleoBOND was developed when Bill Mason realized that there was something missing in the fossil collecting industry.  

Too many specimens were being tossed in the dump pile as they broke apart when collecting or preparing.  A problem solver, 

Bill came up with a solution.  Create a strong, clear adhesive that would stabilize and preserve fossils and minerals with reliability.


PaleoBOND  has been tried and tested for over 30 years by professionals and  amateurs including geologists, mineralogists and 

paleontologists around  the globe.  It is used and recommended for use on rare and expensive  materials or just to preserve your special find. 

Why use a cheaper,  lesser quality product when you can use PaleoBOND and  know that your specimen will endure the test of time?   

Many adhesives  on the market today are not refined and will turn yellow and degrade  over time.  

PaleoBOND has a chemistry that will stay strong and clear indefinitely.

In 2012, John and Tracie Bennitt took over the daily operation of PaloeBOND, joining Bill in the effort to preserve the past. 


 PaleoBOND is the adhesive chosen by more  professional paleontologists, jewelers, mineral collectors and rock  hounds. 

When quality is important, PaleoBOND is the adhesive of choice.

The quality and value of PaleoBOND is what keeps customers reordering. On an ounce per ounce comparison, PaleoBOND  takes less product to preserve a specimen because it is stronger and  more durable. You would have to use a considerably larger amount of  another product to try to recreate the same results you achieve with PaleoBOND

Meet the Team Preserving the Past

John Bennitt

John has been building dinosaurs for over 15 years. His shop and field experience can help you solve your problems. He's been hands-on building, mounting and prepping fossils and casts, while also stabilizing minerals and preserving meteorites under Bill's direction with PaleoBOND products.

William H. Mason III


Bill is an icon in the fossil, mineral and meteorite world. 

His continued efforts to solve problems as they arise has made his creation, PaleoBOND, the #1 preservation and repair adhesive in the world for over 30 years.

Tracie Bennitt

Recognized  as an expert in marketing and sales, Tracie is the go-to person when it  comes to getting word out about new products and usage for PaleoBOND products. She'll probably be the one answering the phone when you call as well. :)