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Why a getting started kit? The art and practice of preparing and restoring fossil remains and minerals requires new state-of-the-art materials and PaleoBOND will get you started on the right track. You also have technical experience as close as your telephone or hands on guidance by our experienced distributors. Let’s get acquainted with each kit. There are nine (9) containers plus tips in each box.

Here’s what comes with your Getting Started Kit:

– PB002 Penetrant Stabilizer 2 oz

– PB4417 Field Consolidant 2 oz

– PB4418 Field Consolidant 2 oz

– PB40 Structural Adhesive 40 cps 1 oz

– PB100 Structural Adhesive 100 cps 1 oz

– PB100X Structural Adhesive 100 cps 1 oz

– PB750 Structural Adhesive 750 cps 1 oz

– PB1500 Structural Adhesive 1500 cps 1 oz

– PB4540 Jurassic Gel 12,000 cps 20 gm tube

– PB122 PaleoPoxy 2 oz stick

– Stiff Tips and Micro Tips

PENETRANT AND STABILIZER (one 2 oz. bottle): This is the workhorse of the PaleoBOND family. It is a primer for other adhesives in the kit. It penetrates deep into the vascular system of a fossil bone or mineral, filling micro cracks and strengthening the entire structure. It captures punky, weak fossil material or fragile mineral elements and hardens it in minutes. This will become your favorite adhesive tool! Dries clear and stays clear so you can cut and polish your material within minutes after application.

ADHESIVES PB40, PB100, PB750, PB1500 – (one 1 oz. bottle of each) AND JURASSIC GEL 4540 (one 20 gm tube): These are the high strength adhesives used when you bond your fossils or minerals back together. Each adhesive has a different thickness (viscosity/centipoises); the higher the number, the thicker the adhesive. You need a strong adhesive to make up the difference of error between the two opposing surfaces you intend to bond together. The Jurassic Gel adhesive (80,000 cps) was designed to bridge serious gaps where you need serious strength. The variety of adhesives allows for you to find the best fit for your project. NEW PB100X (one 1oz bottle): This new addition to the PaleoBOND family is STRONG! With a thickness of 100cps, PB100X is surface insensitive, meaning it will bond all types of surfaces together. Use when you need a really stong bond to hold your fossils and minerals together. Cures in seconds. Does not require activator to cure.

PRE-PREP CONSOLIDANT PB4417 and PB4418 (one 2 oz. bottle): In the field we often want to hold something together prior to the final laboratory preparation. We often have dirty, out of alignment fossil parts that need a light bond to preserve integrity from field to lab. This adhesive was developed to have a low bonding strength so it will work from the field to the lab. PB4417 and PB4418 adhesive can then be airscribed or air abraded away as you are preparing the specimen for permanent restoration. Also works great for light bonding for minerals or cabs in jewelry that can be easily removed with a debonder or cured adhesive remover after setting.

PALEO POXY PB122 (one 2 oz. stick): Our Paleo Poxy is a two part epoxy that cures in one hour. It can then be sanded, painted or trimmed to your specifications. Light tan in color.

ACCESSORIES: Stiff (6) and Micro (12) tips are included. These attach to the end of the pinhead cap allowing precise placement of any of the adhesives (PB40-100 microtips, PB100-1500 stiff tips) or Penetrant Stabilizer (microtips) and Pre-prep Consolidant (microtips).

Please note that the microtips are tight fitting. It helps to slightly warm the end of the tip with a match or lighter to soften the plastic before putting on the bottle nipple.

***NOTE: This item CAN ship by air or overseas as it does not include debonder or activator. This kit is specifically designed for overseas shipping. Both of these items CANNOT ship by air.  If you are located in the Continental US or Canada, we can ship the complete Getting Started Kit by ground to your location.


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