PB100X Structural Adhesive 2 oz

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PB100X, a recent addition to the PaleoBOND family, is STRONG!



PB100X Structural Adhesive 

100 cps

PB100X, a recent addition to the PaleoBOND family, is STRONG!
With a thickness of 100cps, PB100X is surface insensitive, meaning it will bond all types of surfaces together.
Use when you need a really strong bond to hold your fossils and minerals together.
Cures in seconds. Does not require activator to cure quickly.

Kit includes: One 2 oz. bottle of PB100X, 2 microtips and 2 stiff tips.

Please note that the microtips are tight fitting. It helps to slightly warm the end of the tip with a match or lighter to soften the plastic before putting on the bottle nipple.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 5.5 in

2 reviews for PB100X Structural Adhesive 2 oz

  1. Barbara F.

    Really Fast!
    I have done fossil repair and restoration for years. When I first used this bonder, I was surprised that it really DOES bond within 20 seconds. This is a real plus,when dealing with tiny, fragile pieces.!

    • Kayleigh Frazier

      Thanks for the great feedback! PB100X is PaleoBOND on steroids and because it’s surface insensitive, can bond all kinds of things quickly! Just a quick tip for new users: Make sure all those pieces are lined up before adding the PB100X. It does cure quickly!

  2. Paul D.

    Perfect for the Task.
    I recently purchased the PaleoBond PB100X Structural Adhesive and used it on a section of mosasaur bone that needed repair. The product was easy to use and exceeded my expectations.

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